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About us


The CRM Center of Excellence (COE) is – at a very basic level – a group of CRM experts ( and other platforms) dedicated to sharing best practices and tools.

The CRM COE aims to help participating members get the most out of their CRM implementations. As informal advisors to each other, CRM COE members work together to help each other align strategy with your day-to-day operations, share and document best practices, and mentor emerging talent.

The CRM COE meets monthly via Zoom Conference. A list of upcoming event topics is posted below.


Next Event

Role of AI in Next Generation CRM Testing

April 26th, 2024, 3:00 PM CST

Why Should COE Leaders Attend?

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, understanding the trajectories of platforms like Salesforce is paramount. As a COE leader, you can explore how AI can create test cases, run tests, and analyze results automatically. How AI can also automate repetitive tasks like checking the front end for defects and validating API capabilities. This allows testers to focus on more important tasks.


  • Velu Palani, Executive Director, Salesforce Platform Leader at HCSC
  • Richard Clark, Vice President, EMEA Alliances & Success at

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Chief Moderator

Velu Palani

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Experience: Over 30 years in technology, business, and leadership, with 23 years specializing in Salesforce CRM. Led a top-tier Salesforce CRM consulting organization and implemented solutions for over 60 entities.

CRM COE Initiative: Founded CRM COE to guide fellow leaders in maximizing their CRM investments, emphasizing building and effective operations. 

Educational Background: Holds an engineering degree, an MBA in Marketing, and a Chief Digital Officer certificate from Northwestern University. 

Technological Focus: Expertise in Digital Transformation, AI, and Data Analytics, with a strategic emphasis on the healthcare sector. 

Community & Connect: An active figure in the CRM community, mentoring emerging professionals and advocating for growth and innovation. Connect with me on(